Frequently Asked Questions


General -

What is the VIN?  The VIN is your vehicle's unique serial number that provides information on how your vehicle was built at the factory, what warranty is on your vehicle and if there are any open recalls on your vehicle.  The VIN is very important and includes detailed information that is needed in the service and parts departments.  The VIN will help with trim levels, equipment on the vehicle at the time of assembly, engine numbers, transmission numbers and much more.

Where do I find my VIN number?  The VIN number is located on the driver's side of the vehicle at the bottom of the windshield.  It is visible from the outside only.  There may be additional locations on the vehicle such as the driver's door jamb (on a sticker), the glove box, trunk or stamped in the frame of the vehicle.  These vary on vehicle model, year of production and the manufacturer.  The windshield location is the most common.

Why is the VIN needed?  The VIN provides a lot of information.  Including but not limited too; paint codes, trim levels, suspension packages, powertrain (engine and transmission), interior trim colors and materials, sound systems, and much more.  The VIN is very important to get the correct part for your vehicle. 

Is the complete VIN number needed?  The full 17 digit VIN is needed for Porsche vehicles.  On older vehicles that do not have a 17 digit VIN (pre 1981), the complete VIN will be needed.

I need touch up paint for my vehicle, how do I get the paint code?  The VIN number is the most accurate way to get the paint code for the vehicle.  Please contact the parts department with the VIN and we can access the paint code to make sure we are getting you the correct color.  The paint code is a 4 digit code that is pulled up by the VIN.  The color name can help, but because the names change this does have the possibility of an error.

Keys -

Who is considered an authorized Representative? An authorized representative is someone who is acting on behalf of the owner of the vehicle. An authorized representative may be:

  • A private citizen or family member acting on behalf of the owner
  • Independent workshop acting on behalf of their customer
  • An employee acting on behalf of their employer
  • A government official acting on behalf of their agency or department
  • An association member acting on behalf of their organization

Are the documents required to be notarized? No, only the presentation and verification of all required documentation is necessary.

Can I mail electronic keys? No. Electronic keys cannot be drop-shipped to a third-party location.

Will the key require programming in the repair shop? Yes, Porsche keys do require activation and pairing with the vehicle and this must be done in the repair shop at an additional charge.  Please contact our service department for current programming rates.

My vehicle is in the service department for a repair that requires a replacement key, or ignition switch. If your vehicle is in the service department for repair work and requires either a new key or FOB the following will be needed.

  1. Current valid vehicle registration (Wisconsin requires owner's to keep registration in the vehicle at all times)
  2. A signed repair order authorizing work to be done on the vehicle.

The technician will diagnose the problem, and order the parts needed with the required documentation.  The technician will deactivate any FOB's that have been replaced.

My key was lost or stolen, how do I get a replacement key? If your key is lost or stolen it is the recommendation of Porsche that all lock cylinders and the ignition switch be replaced.  When a key is lost or stolen it still works for the vehicle until it is changed or the FOB is deactivated at the dealership.  The metal blade key that is inserted in the FOB will still work on the vehicle and open doors, trunk, glove box and any other non-electronic locks.  If you choose to not replace all the locks you will be asked to sign off on the Porsche Key Order form acknowledging that you were informed and chose not to replace the locks.  If you choose this route remember that the FOB will work on your vehicle until either the battery dies or the FOB is deprogrammed in the service department.  Please contact our service department for the current deprogramming rate and if any additional work will be needed.  Additional work, such as reprogramming modules may be required.  If no spare key is available, the vehicle will need to be towed to the dealership to have these procedures performed.


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